Terminations, testing & jointing

To meet today's demand of our clients, we have launched a dedicated team of cable skills capable to connect power cables up to the terminations points in the wind turbines including the actual cable terminations. This also includes medium voltage cable jointing expertise and we have all required testing and commissioning capabilities required to energise turbines.


We are experienced in medium and high-voltage terminations, testing and jointing. Some of our high-profile past successes include "Meerwind Oost" and Gwynt y Môr (2014). When ABB needed offshore cable-jointing operations for the 'BritNed' project on the Isle of Grain, they talked to us. With our track record of success, our clients have the certainty that projects will be completed on time and within budget.


Here are just some of the services provided:


  • Inspection
  • Surveying


  • Cable stripping
  • Installation of permanent hang-off
  • Routing and termination of power cores
  • Routing and termination of fibres
  • Testing of power and fibre optics
  • Substation earthing
  • Labelling


  • Engineering and marine works
  • Design and construction of specialist tools and equipment
  • Coordination of jointing works
  • Mobilising and demobilising marine vessels and jointing equipment
  • Recovering cable ends
  • Over-boarding cables
  • Burying HVDC cables
  • Vacancies

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