Horizontal directional drilling

Boskalis deploys state-of-the-art horizontal directional drilling (HDD solutions) with a focus on sustainability. We deploy remote microtunnelling technology to lay cables and/or pipelines with minimal impact on the surrounding environment, other than the point of entry and exit. The benefit to our clients is potentially high, particularly if open cut methods cannot be executed. In addition, HDD may also eliminate the need for costly trenching. 


Government authorities heavily regulate the crossing of waterway pipelines. We give our clients the certainty of partnering with an experienced contractor who understands the logistics and formalities involved. Whether your project involves water, gas, oil or electricity, we use regular or combined burial methods to fit the scope of the project, including:

  • HDD
  • Conventional excavation and backfilling
  • Jetting
  • Ploughing
  • Vacancies

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