Export cable installation


Among our specialities is export cable installation for offshore wind farms. Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles covers the supply and installation from on to offshore substations and everything in-between. Our experienced project teams tirelessly collaborate to devise the best solution to fit client needs, on time and within budget.


We are exclusively positioned to deploy the custom-built Spirit, Ndurance and Ndeavour vessels. Our vessels have a dynamic positioning and mooring system. This system enables them to beach and operate in shallow water and also withstand heavy power cable installation. The Ndurance has the same capabilities as the Spirit, but with an increased turntable capacity.


We are pleased to offer the following export cable supply and installation solutions:


  • In-house engineering and route design
  • Survey and project management for mobilisation
  • Pull-in of the cables onshore and offshore into substations
  • Transport & storage of (spare) cable
  • Laying of cable
  • Termination and jointing of all cables on and offshore
  • Onshore works related to pull-in operations
  • Protection of cables at crossing locations
  • Wide spread of vessels and tools such as turntables, ploughs, trenchers, cable lay barges
  • Highly experienced installation teams
  • Shallow and deep water solutions
  • Landfall Construction / installation by HDD or conventional methods.
  • IMM / Repair & Maintenance
  • Vacancies

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