Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles (previously VBMS) is committed to sound SHEQ principles as the key driving force behind a continually improving business. Boskalis has engineered an effective safety culture, with management scorecards that aim to improve safe conditions and encourage pro-active behaviour. Our clients rest assured that we aim to eliminate SHEQ hazards at source and/or reduce them to as low as practicable.

Safety & Health

Boskalis maintains a systematic behaviour-based safety process for all of our resources. Employees are encouraged to engage in pro-active, responsible behaviour for their own safety and that of their colleagues. Hands-on training and clear instructions are provided, as is supervision and continuous best practice training. The certainty of contracting with an engaged, knowledgeable workforce is key to hazard and accident prevention. Every project is executed with well-maintained, modern equipment – from our subsea power cable installation equipment to personal protective equipment for our employees. All Boskalis equipment is given continuous preventative maintenance to meet strict national and international safety standards. As a result, everyone benefits from maximum safety assurance during execution.


With the objective of No Injuries No Accidents (NINA), which is also the name of our safety programme, we want our employees to return from work safely each day. Read more about NINA

Environmental footprint

The world's resources are not unlimited. We all need to understand the potential impact that our activities have on the environment. Boskalis recognises the importance of sustainable business practices for environmental protection – for today and tomorrow, on land or at sea. We aim to actively raise the bar on sustainability practices within our industry. Our Sustainability Policy was developed around four key factors – employees, the market, the environment and communities. This policy allows us to set targets and to continually make tangible improvements to our ways of working.


We employ measureable quality control processes for our clients. Our integrated SHEQ Management System is used for all operational work to ensure our processes are as safe, efficient and effective as possible. Periodically, external experts audit our systems to ensure that we remain compliant with SHEQ standards and best practices. A major measure of our success is meeting – and often exceeding – strict requirements set by our industry's regulatory bodies, including the QHSE certifications ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 (see links below).

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