Westermost Rough Wind Farm - Export Cable Installation

The Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm is one of the Round 2 projects owned by DONG Energy. The Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm site is situated 8km off the Yorkshire Coast, north of Hull and will contain 35 turbines of 6MW capacity, covering a total area of 35km2 and providing enough electricity to power around 200,000 homes.

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14 km Export Cable
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The project will help to fulfil the UK's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and will contribute towards the UK achieving its targets of electricity generation from renewable energy schemes.

VBMS was contracted to carry out the following: to conduct cable burial trials and to load 14 km of 150kV export cable in Rotterdam; to perform the cable pull-in through a pre-installed pipeline; to carry out simultaneous cable burial and laying; and to install and test the export cable on the offshore substation. The operation to install the cable was carried out in February 2014, starting from the landfall at Tunstall.

The installation was supported from Grimsby on the Humber ‘Energy Estuary’.



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