Ormonde Offshore Windfarm - Export Cable Installation

The Ormonde Project involves the development of an offshore wind farm (OWF) consisting of thirty 5-megawatt (MW) wind turbine generators (WTGs) owned and operated by Ormonde Energy Limited (OEL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eclipse Energy UK PLC.

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Stemat 82, Sea Stallion Plough, Stemat Spirit
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The Ormonde Project is located in the eastern sector of the Irish Sea about 10 km west of Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria,
UK, in a water depth of between 17 and 21 metres below Chart Datum (CD). The proposed OWF area is 4 by 2.5 km.

Thirty (30) 5-MW WTGs are arranged in four rows, two rows of seven and two of eight. Each WTG has been installed on a quadropod, pre-piled structural steel jacket. A series of 33 kV infield cables links the WTGs to an offshore substation platform (SSP) located in the vicinity of the OWF, the main function of which is to ramp up the voltage up to 132 kV.

Power is then exported to shore by a single submarine cable and fed into the UK National Grid via the United Utilities (UU) distribution network near Heysham, Lancashire. After commissioning the OWF will have an operational life of 25 years. Production started in 2012.

VBMS handled the work at the intertidal area of the northern side of the Port of Heysham and was responsible for the coordination and cable pull ashore.

The scope of work was as follows:


  • Engineering of the landfall;
  • Coordination between offshore and onshore;
  • Removal and reinstatement of cobble skeer area;
  • Pull-back of the plough;
  • Positioning of cable rollers on the beach;
  • Pull-in of HV cable from Stemat Spirit into the joint bay;
  • Burying HV cable on the beach section;
  • Filling HDD duct with cable grout


Complicating factors included the cobble skeer area and the extreme hardness of the inshore beach.

The VBMS-owned 40-ton pulling winch was used to pull in the HV cable to shore. Prior to the cable pulling, the VBMS-owned plough was pulled onto the beach.

Although the schedule was tight, VBMS was able to pull the cable, with a minimum of delays, to the cable-laying vessel, Stemat Spirit.

Thanks to close co-operation between all inter-company parties (VBMS and VolkerInfra), the nearshore cable work was completed to the satisfaction of the client.

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