Meerwind Süd | Ost Wind Farm - Array Cable Installation

The offshore wind farms of Meerwind Süd and Meerwind Ost together form a 288 MW project located in the German Bight in the North Sea 23 km north of the island of Helgoland. The wind farm consist of 80 wind turbines with a power output of 3.6 MW each. All turbines will be connected to a farm internal transformer platform to which the grid connection will be installed.

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3 core 33 kV subsea inter array cable
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The location is one of the most promising in the emerging offshore wind business in Germany. The main advantages of this site are a combination of the best offshore wind conditions - with a convenient water depth of 22 m to 26 m - and the proximity of Helgoland which can be used as a base for maintenance purposes.


Based on the German Renewable Energy Laws, the risks for the project have been minimised as the feed-in tariff has been fixed for the first 13 years and the grid operator is responsible for the grid connection both onshore and offshore.


Construction started in September 2012. Full commercial operations were planned to commence at the end of 2013. Meerwind Süd | Ost is one of the first commercial offshore wind farm projects in operation in Germany.

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