Luchterduinen - Export Cable Installation

Eneco granted the implementation of the Wind Park Eneco Luchterduinen (Q10), which is located approximately 25 kilometres offshore from Noordwijk in the Netherlands. The overall project encompasses the design, implementation and putting into operation of the Offshore Wind Farm, including 43 wind turbines with an output of up to 3 MW installed for a total output of 129 MW. Implementation was executed in 2014.

Facts and figures

Year of construction
Type of cable
LS 150kV export cable
Ndurance & Trenchformer
Project categories

Within the scope of the contract, VBMS has been awarded the contract to plan, engineer and undertake all aspects necessary for the installation of the high voltage export cable. The work for the Luchterduinen project for the Export Cable and Landfall comprises the following:

  • Burial Assessment Study;
  • Designing of cable route of the Export Cable;
  • Pre-installation survey;
  • Clearing out 6 out-of-use cables according to ICPC regulations;
  • Deep Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR);
  • Testing and loading the export cable from cable supply vessel in the port of IJmuiden;
  • Performing onshore landing operation of cable;
  • Simultaneously laying and burying the cable for the first 3 kilometres at a burial depth of 3 meters;
  • Laying and post burying the cable for the following 22 kilometres. Post lay burial at a depth of 1 meter;
  • Installing a CPS system, J-tube supported pull-in, testing and hang off at the offshore substation;
  • Offloading of the spare cable;
  • Post installation survey


The project was successfully executed in October 2014. The cable was buried according to the specifications by the Trenchformer in jetting mode. The proposed solution included: a joint bay on the beach for the connection of the onshore and the offshore cable; it included the grounding of the cable installation vessel near the shore line and a 500 meter excursion of the Trenchformer burial tool from grounded Ndurance to the joint bay. This solution provided a successful method in achieving the 3 meter burial depth in the surf zone.


Luchterduinen export cable installation captured in 5-minute timelapse

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