Java-Bali - Interconnector Installation

In the past, the island of Bali suffered from constant power shortages, so much so that our client, PLN, had been obliged to request users to conserve power and to schedule blackouts whenever existing power generation facilities were due for inspection. VBMS was responsible for installing two interconnecting 150 kV underwater power cables over a length of 4 km each between the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia. This project now provides enough additional power to meet Bali's energy requirements and to facilitate ongoing development of this popular tourist destination, which attracts around 2.3 million tourists each year.

Facts and figures

CLV Ndurance
Cable details
Two export cables of 199mm diameter with a length of approx. 4200 metres
Boskalis Offshore
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The cables run from the landing point near Gilimanuk, on Bali to Ketapang, Java. The cable has the capacity to transfer power at 130 MVA per circuit. Both cables are approximately 4.2 kilometres in length.


The project was carried out by the cable laying vessel (CLV), NDurance, the very first in its short existence. Installation of the cables was scheduled to take place between January and March 2014. The contracted work consisted of the following:


  • Engineering
  • Mobilisation of Ndurance in Singapore
  • Loading of the two 5 km cables onto the CLV NDurance
  • Extensive Sea trials in Singapore and Indonesia
  • Pull-in of two submarine cables to shore, near Gilimanuk, Bali.
  • Laying of the two cables in the direction of Java, the route length being approximately 4.2 km.
  • 2nd end landing at Ketapang, Java
  • OTDR testing of the two cables laid.

Project location

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