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VBMS connects the offshore wind industry

By initiating an event for offshore wind industry players, VBMS brought the complete supply chain together in Rotterdam to discuss the future of offshore wind. In order to keep offshore wind sustainable as a business, the demand for further cost reduction requires a different approach, a different connection, according to the specialist in offshore cabling solutions.

VBMS had invited Liam Kelly, General Manager Developer Experience from Microsoft, to share developments within the ICT sector and look at how the energy sector can benefit from lessons learned out of the ICT sector and Microsoft’s ground-breaking vision on technology. Afterwards, a panel consisting of Mr. Kelly, Mr. Bart Oberink (RWE Innogy), Mr. Bernard Fortuyn (Siemens NL), Mr. Rolf Winters (Leadership Consultant), Mr. Jasper Vis (DONG Energy) and Mr. Arno van Poppel (VBMS) discussed the joint effort needed for a sustainable future for offshore wind.


Arno van Poppel, Managing Director VBMS, said: “There’s a strong belief within our sector that we have to make a contribution to a better and sustainable world. However, as offshore wind is becoming a more mature business, it is more and more challenged to meet the same cost level as the conventional ways of generating electrical power using fossil fuels. Governments are struggling more and more with the subsidies for offshore wind for the decades to come, and the stakeholders, such as financial parties, are demanding a further cost reduction. There is a clear sense of urgency but I really believe that cooperation between the principals, the supply chain and the parties within the supply chain can bring the required cost reduction. However, this requires an alternative approach and a different way of thinking. The conclusion and promise of our panel was to look beyond our own businesses and think in terms of new alliances, innovative technologies and new business models; to connect as an industry. Besides the business and financial sense of urgency, we also have a clear responsibility to our children and to our Earth.”


VBMS ended the day by giving their guests the opportunity to visit the cable-laying vessels Stemat Spirit and Boskalis’ Ndeavor, recently added to the fleet of VBMS.

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