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VBMS and EDS collaborate to optimise subsea cable availability

Cabling experts VBMS and High Voltage engineering specialists EDS joined forces in London last week to launch a new forum to review the hot topic of Cable Faults and introduce their Cable Integrity Solutions.

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Over 100 guests including developers, OFTOs, insurers and contractors came together at the IET Savoy Place to discuss an issue which has left the industry with a huge challenge following an increased number of cable faults.


Jack Wattel, Director Commerce of VBMS said:


“To ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry it is critical that we share best practices moving forward. There have been more subsea cable faults than anyone could have predicted and as an industry we need to come together, get the issues out into the open and come up with short and long term solutions in order to reduce the levelised cost of energy by increasing availability and reliability of cable systems.”


The event saw industry experts from CIEG, CODAN, Equitix and Vattenfall give their view on the challenges the industry is facing and potential ways forward. There was also a demonstration of an innovative cable monitoring system that has the potential to change the way that cables are protected going forward.


At the event, EDS and VBMS also spoke about the importance of being prepared for a potential cable fault and launched their Cable Integrity Solutions including the “Prepare to Repair” framework. The model promotes critical preparations to be carried out upfront, ensuring that if a cable fails, arrangements are in place and the repair process can be started immediately, massively minimising downtime. VBMS and EDS estimate that their solutions mean that cable repairs could be completed up to 70% faster.


Ryan Henderson, Group Director of EDS said:


“Now seemed like an appropriate time for us to set up a forum to collaborate and share the valuable knowledge that we have within the sector. VBMS and EDS have combined their expertise and experience to offer an immediate solution through our Prepare to Repair framework, but ultimately to gather expertise from the wider industry to further develop more long-term cable integrity solutions.”


Arno van Poppel, Managing Director of VBMS said:


“This event follows on from our successful event last year in Rotterdam, where we brought key players together to collaborate and discuss a sustainable future for the industry. EDS shares a similar vision and we are confident that the concept launched at this event will greatly contribute to the longevity of the renewables sector. Further collaboration is planned to ensure that this very important topic is kept high on the agenda.”

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