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Successful performance trials completed for new burial tool developed in house

VSMC's Marine department has developed a new burial tool called BSS-II. Years of knowledge and experience with vertical injectors and burial sledge systems have been combined in the GL-approved design of the BSS-II.

The BSS-II tool is based on simultaneous laying and burial operations and it is capable of installing flexible products (e.g. cables, umbilicals, flexible pipe lines) at a burial depth of up to 6m in a single pass. The tool is based on the principle of fluidising the soil in front of the lance in combination with a depressor, ensuring correct depth of the product when passing the exit. 


4.5km were successfully trenched during the BSS-II performance trials in the Western Scheldt (the Netherlands), which included a cable burial exercise involving grade in and grade out. The client and MWS of the first contracted project for the BSS-II in 2015 were very satisfied with what they witnessed.


A dedicated launch and recovery frame has also been designed for the BSS-II to efficiently deploy and recover the BSS-II at sea.




Supported products

Flexible products (cables, umbilicals, flexibles) up to 350 mm

Product MBR

4.0 m

Trench depths

Up to 6,0 m




LxBXH = approx. 21,5 x 13,5 x 17,9 m.


78 tonnes in air ; 45 tonne submerged

Ground pressure

13 kPa

Total installed power

Depending on burial depth and soil conditions; up to. 1800 kW

Jet performance

1500 m3/hr at 12 bar

Trenching speed

Depending on soil conditions; typical 4-5 m/min at full burial depth


Towed vehicle; max tow force 100 tonne

Water depth

2,5 m up to 30 m

Seabed slope

15° pitch, 10° roll




The images show the tool in transit to the test location and during launch to the seabed.

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