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Records for VSMC in 2012

VSMC broke records in 2012 with the successful installation of more than 350 Inter array cables.

London Array Normand Flower

Mid October 2012 the last of 4 export cable of London Array was installed releasing the Stemat Spirit for her first dry-dock period after she commenced work 2 years ago. This year the Stemat Spirit installed 4 of export cables; one at the Thornton Bank project and three ar London Array. Stemat Spirit plough handling system will now be upgraded to further improve her plough performance for the next projects in 2013.


With only a small percentage of cables left to install at London Array, VSMC installed more then 350 inter array cables in 2012 which is equal to around 1,1 GW of WTG power connection. The biggest challenge for VSMC this year was the acceleration programme at London Array which would not be possible without the group owned assets, including the vessels Pontra Maris, Stemat Oslo, Stemat 89 and Stemat 87 as storage and transportation barge.


This year VSMC utilised two 3rd party DP vessels; Toisa Wave (Anholt project)  and Normand Flower (London Array). Normand Flower remains under charter for the 2013 programme starting in March and in the meantime will be available in the market together with Stemat 82 as array cable installation vessels with an impressive track record.

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