20.12.16 | Career, Press

Export cables installed for Rampion offshore wind farm

Last week, VBMS completed the installation of two 16 kilometre-long 150kV HVAC cables for the Rampion offshore wind farm situated off the coast of Worthing, UK.

To overcome some environmental challenges in this very shallow water, VBMS had to extend the pre-installed landfall HDD’s with duct extensions of approx. 480 metres each. VBMS utilised Boskalis’ backhoe dredger Manu Pekka to dredge the trenches before installing the duct extensions. In addition, Boskalis dredged three flotation pits per cable routing to allow CLV Stemat Spirit to reach the location of the end of the ducts. Following the cable pull-in CLV Stemat Spirit jumped from pit to pit during high tides while laying the cable until it reached deeper water where it could safely remain afloat and resume the remaining cable laying operations.

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