27.05.13 | Press

Challenging cable repair in Irish Sea completed

VSMC have recently completed a complex export cable repair off the coast of Liverpool. The repair was carried out from the Stemat 89 anchor barge, using the Tessa W and the newly purchased Fenna B as supporting vessels.
Irish Sea cable repair
The repair presented some big challenges, one of which was the local environment. The work was to be carried out in the unpredictable Irish sea during the month of April. The rise and fall of the tide in the area was 9m with a LAT of only 5m. The repair work was affected by the weather  and once both cable ends were fixed on the barge for jointing, the team had to work fast to complete the joint in  unpredictable conditions. Assisted by EDS, NKT worked tirelessly to ensure the jointing work was completed before the weather closed in. Once this  was done, VSMC prepared for the over boarding of the joint. Again, this was not without its challenges due to a heavy  tide and a strong current. 

After waiting for the optimal water depth so that  the over boarding could be performed safely, the VSMC crew successfully placed the jointed cable back on the seabed. The joint and cable bight were surveyed following the laydown and the cable was tested, providing evidence of  yet another successful repair job for VSMC.
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