03.09.12 | Press

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, Three cable strings energised

August has provided fine working conditions for the offshore cable installation - so far has 42 array cables have been installed this month adding up to the total of 86 cables, since the cable installation commenced in June. The cable installation is planned to run until October, but as always it is weather dependent.

The first string connecting nine turbine positions with the offshore substation was successfully energised in week 33 on the 14th of August, ahead of schedule. String 2, connecting nine turbine positions was tested and energised in week 34, and the next string, also connecting nine turbine positions, has just been energised by the end of august. 

The Cable Laying vessel Stemat 82 left the project on August 12th after successfully installing 22 cables as planned. The remaining cables will be laid by the vessel  Toisa Wave.The next big step in the Cable installation is the burial of the cables, which is performed by a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) controlled from the vessel Swiber Else Marie. The progress of the cable trenching is slow and cumbersome because of boulders in the seabed. In total 18 cables have currently been trenched and surveyed.

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