Nearshore & Repairs

Experts in shallow waters and intertidal areas

For cable shore landings, outfalls, complex water crossings and other projects in shallow waters and intertidal areas, our Nearshore & Repairs department can provide the perfect solution. Our highly skilled workforce is very familiar with and always at ease working in and on the seabed or in areas with sensitive marine ecosystems, which are often encountered when working nearshore.

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Cable repair solutions

We are experts in installing cables as well as repairing them. Innovative cable repair equipment has been developed so that our in-house team is equipped to deal with a range of challenging situations. Nearshore & Repairs offers a full package of ost-effective repair options. Read more >>

We connect proven technology & customised solutions

Our expertise in near-shore, inshore and intertidal projects combined with our resourcefulness and flexibility means that we can come up with suitable solutions for the often difficult assignments set by our clients.


Our added value:

  • We convert complex situations into practical and workable solutions.
  • Working with our clients, we can call on the expertise of other Boskalis services, if and when necessary.
  • Changing weather conditions, tides and currents don’t stop us from achieving our project goals.
  • Quality, the environment, health and safety and a no-nonsense working attitude are all firmly rooted in the way we approach and execute our projects.
  • Our in-house engineering department.
  • The project-specific tools and equipment that we have developed in-house.

Track record

Our execution of special projects is what makes Nearshore & Repairs so unique.

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