ROV Trencher

ROV Trencher 107-1100

Despite its size, the ROV Trencher has more than 1100 HP available for propulsion and for powering the on- board subsea pumps. The subsea pumps provide the pressure and flow required to work in strata soils with a shear strength of up to 110 kPa. The configuration and variable speed control allows the operator to optimize speed and burial depth versus soil conditions.





This multi-purpose trencher, developed by VBMS and Boskalis, contributes to expanding our complete solution for the installation of power cables in intertidal areas, shallow and in deep water. The tracked vehicle is suitable for a wide range of soils (simultanously lay and burial as well as post burial) and cable types due to its exchangeable jetting sword and chain cutter.




BSS-II (Burial Sledge System)

The BSS-II is designed for simultaneous laying and burial operations and is capable of installing flexible products (e.g. cables, umbilicals, flexible pipe lines) ranging from 0 to 8 meters depth. The tool is based on the principle of fluidising the soil in front of the lance in combination with a depressor, ensuring correct installation depth of the product.





Sea Stallion 4-DB plough

The Sea Stallion 4-DB is specifically designed for the aggressive burial of power cables in shallow water. It features a unique share design and a robust chassis that can withstand tow forces up to 150 ton to permit cable burial in the hardest seabed conditions. An advanced SCADA / PLC based control system permits accurate operation of the plough (including on the beach using telemetry) whilst providing comprehensive ‘as-laid' data. The SS4-DB concept has a proven track record of installing the power cables associated with large scale offshore wind farm developments.


SMD_HD3 plough

HD3 Plough

The HD3 flexibles plough provides a high performance trenching solution for large diameter flexible umbilicals and power cables. Using patented technology, the plough is designed to minimise pull force requirements and provide effective trenching capability up to 3.3m depth and up to 3.0m of cover. The diverless loading system allows post lay burial in deepwater.






VBMS owns and operates various winches, pulling and holding forces reach from 20 ton to 125 ton.








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