By choosing us, you're choosing to trust the industry's most skilled engineers. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to maintain consistent quality controls. This focus on quality helps to mitigate the inherent risks attached to any offshore project. It's Boskalis' focus on expertise and quality that has given us a reputation for delivering solutions on time and within budget.


Our project management teams are selected based on your specific needs. The Project Engineering Team oversees every deliverable and focuses on maintaining consistent SHEQ controls. As part of Boskalis' commitment to transparent ways of working, they work with Field Engineering, Hydrodynamic Engineering, Geotechnical and GIS Engineering, Structural Engineering, Production Engineering and R&D Engineering teams to prioritise and implement every project. Our in-house expertise is of vital importance to the success of every project.

Engineering expertise

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of the following experts in their respective fields:


Project Engineering

  • Engineering of complex projects
  • Creation of all documentation, from concept to design
  • Supervision and assistance of execution on-site


Field Engineering

  • Infrastructural improvements on-board,
  • Deck layout improvements, change documentation, cable cut calculations, quality controls, data collection and day-to-day reporting.


Hydrodynamic Engineering

  • Hydrodynamic analysis using FE modelling
  • Cable catenary, launch and recovery of subsea equipment; cable pull-in operations, vessel station keeping/mooring and vessel RAO calculations.


Geotechnical and GIS Engineering

  • Assessment of soil conditions
  • Creation of burial assessments concerning trench depths, risks and speeds along cable/pipeline routes
  • Creation of maps with soil and seabed data.


Structural Engineering

  • Strength calculations of heavy machinery and equipment on deck
  • Structural improvements of vessel installation and deck layout
  • Design of new installation and trenching equipment.


Production Engineering

  • Installation and burial production calculations
  • Assessment of rates for cable/pipeline loading, laying, pull-in and trenching operations.


Research and Development Engineering

  • Developing innovations that include the improvement of our offshore operations
  • Conceptual design during construction of future installations and/or burial equipment.


CAD Engineering

  • Creating 2D and 3D drawings and animations to visualise our operations
  • Deck layout, installation and burial equipment for design and project solutions. 
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