Our values

Laying submarine power cables is a tough business. We work on large-scale marine projects in often dangerous and unpredictable environments. As an end-to-end provider of subsea power installation solutions, we are equipped to solve complex problems – before we start a contract and while we're fulfilling it. However, the only way to get the job done right is when our employees operate together as one. Our values are the backbone, and they underpin the conduct and behaviour of every employee.

Our employees cooperate to achieve the same goals – they are demanding on themselves and others and are willing to take the lead to improve themselves, our methods and to maximise resources. They are proactive, able to control unexpected situations by actively anticipating problems and devising workable solutions. They are aware of the impact their decisions have on colleagues, customers, cost, safety and the environment. Finally, they innovate – they demand excellence from themselves and others, and are willing to lead the pack.

Safety above all

Boskalis Subsea is committed to safe and sustainable practices before all else. Every  employee understands the expectations for the safety of themselves and their co-workers and practices them habitually every day. As a measure of our commitment, we comply with QHSE industry standards. On a practical level, this means we aim to prevent, control and where possible eliminate QHSE hazards at the source.

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